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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Moadaty?

Moadaty is an online marketplace for sharing film and photography equipment with other people in your city. Our members can rent everything from DSLRs, tripods to drones. Our motto is “If you can find it on a film set, you can find it on Moadaty”.

Need equipment for film or photo shoot? Use Moadaty to find exactly what you need locally. Because you are renting directly from the owner, our prices are the most affordable in Saudi Arabia.

Got equipment that you are not using all the time? Rent it out and make some extra money! Every rental on Moadaty is protected by making the renter sign our terms, and we verify each person who joins the site, so you can rent out your gear with confidence.

Moadaty is the place to go for professionals, hobbyists, students and part-time filmmakers.

Where is Moadaty available?

Moadaty is all about sharing equipment with other people in your city. Moadaty is currently available in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. If you are based in one of those cities, you can rent your gear on the site.

Think your area needs Moadaty?

Then sign up on the waiting list! Your name will be added to the waitlist for that city, so you will be the first to know when we launch there: Moadaty City Waiting List

Is there a fee to use Moadaty?

Moadaty charges equipment owners a 15% Service Fee on each transaction. The renter would be charged 2.75% +1.02 SAR (varies by bank) to cover credit card processing fees.

What are the criteria that you look for in members?

  • Location: For now, Moadaty is in Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. If you live in one of those cities, you can sign up and get started. We are expanding quickly, so if your area is not on the list, sign up here and add your name to the waitlist for your city
  • Social media profiles: Linking your social media profiles, such as Twitter and Instagram represent your social and professional
  • Professional experience: We would like for our members to showcase their professional experience. Fill out your bio, and include links to your reel, your Vimeo, and your work on YouTube and website.
  • Type of gear: Whatever gear you think may be valuable to the Filmmaking community, we encourage you to list it.
  • Identity verification: We use ID verification system to protect our community and prevent fraud. You will need to go through this process before you make your first rental.

How does the rental process work?

The rental process (step-by-step):

  1. Request: Renter selects gear on Moadaty, enters payment method, and delivery/pickup option.
  2. Acceptance: Owner accepts the rental request.
  3. Charge: Once the owner accepts the rental request the renters’ card is charged and the money is sent to the owner bank account.
  4. Pickup: Upon pickup of the gear, the renter must inspect all items to ensure that they are in good working order. By accepting the equipment and taking it into his or her custody, the renter accepts terms of rental agreement and that the renter has received the gear in good condition. If the renter finds that the equipment they received is NOT in good condition they must report the discrepancy to the owner and to Moadaty within one hour of picking up the equipment. If the renter does not report anything, they are acknowledging that the gear is in good working condition and that they are responsible for the gear and any changes in condition over the course of the rental.
  5. Return & Inspection: When the renter returns the equipment, the owner must inspect all items to ensure they are in the same condition that they were when the renter first picked them up. If the owner finds that the equipment is NOT in the same condition, they must report the discrepancy to the renter and to Moadaty within one hour of receiving the item.

Who can join Moadaty?

We care about trust & safety.

We welcome any member who’s willing to make Moadaty a professional and safe environment to share your camera equipment with the filmmaking community.

Once you’ve successfully created a profile with Moadaty, we require every member to complete a phone number verification before transacting on Moadaty. This is very easy and can be completed when prompted during a transaction or by going to your Profile Settings > Account Settings. From here you simply enter your phone number and enter the code sent to your number via SMS text. Please check with your carrier. Standard rates may apply.

Can I login via Gmail /Twitter?

We allow the option to login via Twitter or Gmail to easily verify our members. We do not receive any information other than your basic info from Gmail and twitter nor would be able to share any of your private information associated with your Gmail/Twitter account.

What are (Pro Badges) and how can I earn them?

Pro Badges indicate members who are reputable Moadaty members. These members have a proven track record for providing smooth transactions, great communication and are well reviewed within the Moadaty community. To earn a Pro Badge, members must achieve the following within the last 12 months:

  • Complete 25 total transactions as a renter or owner
  • Receive 25 positive reviews (more than 4 stars)
  • Have no negative reviews (less than 3 stars)
  • Have at least 90% response rate
  • Have at least 80% acceptance rate

I am an owner, how and when do I get paid?

Moadaty has a flexible payment system. Here’s how it works:

As an owner, you wll be asked to enter your bank account information before you list an item. When you accept a rental request, Moadaty charges the renters card accordingly. Your share of the payment is recorded within our payment system and we transfer the payment to your bank account at the end of each month (transfer duration varies by bank).

Cancellation policy

We discourage both renters and owners from cancelling rentals. But we understand that shooting plans change, and if you are a renter you can cancel before the start date. If you need to cancel a rental go to the rental conversation on Moadaty site and then click "Cancel Request".

Our cancellation policy is as follows:

For renters: If a renter cancels more than 24 hours prior to reservation, there is a full refund except for fees. If a renter cancels less than 24 hours ahead of the rental period, they will be charged 50% of the rental fee. If a renter cancels during the rental period, there is no refund.

For owners: We highly discourage owners from cancelling—you should never accept a rental unless you are certain you can fulfill it. However, if you are an owner and need to cancel because of an unforeseen event, contact us through the contact us form. Whenever you cancel a rental, you’ll get an automated review on your profile saying that you cancelled. Any applicable cancellation fees are automatically deducted from your next rental payout.

Contact Us Form

Is there a contract between the owners and renters?

By using Moadaty website and signing up as a member, all our members agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. These documents govern all rental transactions, duties, and liabilities.

What if my gear is dirty or scratched?

Light scratches (except on lenses and certain sensitive gear), scuffs, or normal amounts of dirt that can be cleaned easily are usually considered normal wear and tear of use. If you notice some minor damage after the return that is not normal wear, you should take photos and email them to us immediately. Next, contact your renter, notify them of the situation and try to resolve the issue. Your renter is responsible for the damage fee for any damage that occurs during their rental. In cases where it’s unclear whether a particular renter caused the damage or when it occurred, you are responsible for the damage fee on any repair work performed.

When does my rental begin?

The rental period starts on the day that the rental reservation has been requested to start by the renter and confirmed by the owner. The time and place of meeting are worked out between you and the owner directly in the Moadaty messaging system.

When does my rental end?

The rental period ends on the day that the rental reservation has been requested to end by the Renter and confirmed by the Owner. Please contact the other party to schedule a convenient time/place for drop-off and make sure you leave time to thoroughly check the gear. After the gear has been properly returned and the Owner has confirmed their gear is accounted for and in good working order, they must mark the rental as complete. This step is found in the confirmation

How can I contact the Owner/Renter?

Once the rental reservation request has been accepted, we will provide you with the owner or renter’s phone number on the confirmation page. But we still encourage you to continue communication on our messaging system in order to have an ongoing record of correspondence. This will also help us solve any potential problems with the rental if they should arise.